Caged Animals tease new album with first single ‘Cindy + Me’

Caged Animals - Cindy + Me

Brooklyn’s Caged Animals have announced the release of their second album later this year, and the first single off it, ‘Cindy + Me’, has recently surface the web. Written and produced by the outfit’s mastermind Vincent Cacchione, the song is built around a sample from Raymond Scott’s ‘Cindy Electronium’.
Here’s what Cacchione said about it:

“’Cindy + Me’ is my attempt at capturing some sinister version of the adolescent dream. It’s an outlaw love song, based around a sample from synthesizer-pioneer Raymond Scott’s “Cindy Electronium.”
In the song, I’m a crazed teenager in love, running away from home with the girl and some twisted view of the future. We’ve got her father tied up in the house, a smoldering corpse, we’ve got the cash, “We’re living on top of the world,” and we’re going to get away with it.”

‘Cindy+Me’ is set to be released on June 17th via Lucky Number Music. Stream it below, and if you haven’t heard the original track, it was featured in our very first mixtape.

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