Body Double to re-release Philip Perkins’ Drive Time

Philip Perkins - Drive Time

Philip Perkins, who was born in 1951 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and now resides in Northern California, is notable for his tremendous work and contributions not only to film, but also music, particularly electronic and avant-garde music. Perkins, who studied art and motion graphics with Robert Mullen and David Foster, played in several pop rock, country and experimental bands, and was a member of The Residents performance ensemble from 1979-84.
Drive Time, one of Perkins’ unique audio works, originally released in 1985, got the attention of Body Double, a reissue imprint of Captured Tracks, who are re-releasing the album. Drive Time is “a peace attack on what the radio was shoving into a man’s ears who refused to listen anymore” describes the press release. “The recordings are a direct affront to the banal, colorless “noise” that was the AM radio during mid-80s rush hour, but targeted at the same audience: commuters.”

Drive Time will be released on November 12th and can now be pre-ordered here. To whet your appetite, here’s ‘The Onion’, one of appeasing cuts featured in the album.

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