Michael Forrest announces App album, releases first single

Michael Forrest

London based experimental multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael Forrest has announced the release of a brand new album entitled Infinite Music Machine. Inspired by the live form of music where, unlike a recording, each play always sounds different, Forrest’s upcoming effort is an interactive App album that sounds different every time it gets played through your computer or other devices. “1000 loops were recorded and the App was developed by Forrest that re-sequences those loops according to an algorithm”, explains the press release. “Fixed recordings afford much more attention to detail than algorithmically structured music; so it now becomes a trade-off between duration and variation / predictability which offers more surprises and has the potential for infinite playback with new discoveries being made on every listen.”.

‘Infinite London’, the first fun and infectious cut lifted from the album, serves as an excellent taste of what’s coming our way. The single will be out on February 10th via Good To Hear. Have a listen to ‘Infinite London’ below, and if you’re near London on February 6th, go see him live at Hysteria.

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