Orchestra of Spheres share video for ‘2,000,000 Years’

Orchestra Of Spheres - 2,000,000 Years

At the end of last year, inventive and outlandish outfit Orchestra of Spheres released their extraordinary second album Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music. One of the album’s standout cuts, ‘2,000,000 Years’, has been given a very fitting visual treatment, directed by Simon Ward. Here’s what Orchestra of Spheres said about the video:

“Simon Ward is one of the best music video directors in NZ. It was a total pleasure making this with him. We came up with a plan of making four miniature ‘concept worlds’, and set about gathering objects from people’s flats, the rubbish dump, things found on the streets… we got a stuffed crocodile, a decomposing pig’s head, a box of 30 vibrators and other assorted goodies. The idea is that each world starts getting filled up with the little people until they breed uncontrollably and it ends up with the froth/sperm/snow stuff eventually taking over… relates to the song, which is cryptically apocalyptic. Simon’s turned our crude concept into a really amazing video.”

Here’s the video for ‘2,000,000 Years’.

Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music is out now on Fire Records.

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