Dakh Daughters – Ukrainian Freak-Cabaret

Dakh Daughters - Ukrainian Freak-Cabaret

Don’t be fooled by the delicate porcelain doll face paint. Dakh Daughters are anything but fragile. On stage, this freak-cabaret group works themselves into a musical fervor, stomping and howling war cries. The seven woman are multi-instrumentalists and bounce between accordions, a double bass, xylophones, drums, and more. Talented, beautiful, and fierce, the powerful daughters of Ukraine.

2013 was a turbulent time for the country. The streets were packed with protesters in an uprising that led to the impeachment of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich. Despite sub-zero temperatures, heavy police presence, angry crowds, firecrackers, and tear gas, Dakh Daughters took to the stage and provided a soundtrack for the Ukrainian revolution.

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