Lerin / Hystad set to release second album Amaterasu

Lerin / Hystad - Amaterasu

Amaterasu, the second album from Swedish/Norwegian duo Lerin / Hystad arrives in just a week. The pair released their debut album, Mount Buzhou, last year and its follow up is due out on March 1st via their own imprint Extemporaneous Recordings.
With the upcoming album, the pair drew on a lot of different influences — ambient soundscapes, experimental rock, jazz and electronic music, combined with field-recordings from arcade halls and subway stations in Tokyo and Osaka.

Amaterasu takes its name from the Sun goddess in Japanese mythology. As the press release explains, after Amaterasu’s brother Susanoo destroyed her rice fields and killed her attendants, she hid inside a cave depriving the world of her crucial light. To get her out of the cave, the gods threw a party outside so that the music and noise could lure her out.

Lerin / Hystad are offering the beautiful first single ‘Ebisu’, a track that emphasizes their flair for ambient and drone oriented pieces and improvisation. Listen to it below and straight after check out the video for ‘Harajuku’, a dancier and punchier affair with excellent guitar work. Have a little dance.

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