Piano Interrupted sign to Denovali and re-release debut album

Piano Interrupted have recently signed to Denovali Records, who will re-release the quartet’s debut album Two By Four in April. This release, which includes bonus material, will precede a new full-length album, due out in October.

Piano Interrupted, originally the duo of London-based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic producer Franz Kirmann, turned into an improvising quartet with the addition of Eric Young on percussion and Greg Hall on cello. “The project blends their respective disciplines of film composition and piano on the one hand and organic electronica on the other”, says the press release, resulting in a musical blend of “post-classical and ambient, where organic electronic beats pulse over intricate sonic textures and unusual time signatures, where contemplative moments contrast with elaborative and complex melodies.”

Two By Four saw Piano Interrupted sharing mastering duties with Nils Frahm in Berlin. Speaking about it, Tom and Franz said “we wanted to finish the record with someone we felt close to in terms of sensibility and who is not only a technician but a great musician and artist- we knew it would give a extra special coherence to the record.”

Here’s a couple of magnificent cuts from Two By Four to entice you, ‘Hobi’ and ‘Son of PI’.