Yann Tiersen teases upcoming album ALL with new song ‘Koad’ featuring Anna Von Hausswolff

Photo: Christopher Fernandez

French composer Yann Tiersen has a new album on the way, titled ALL and due in February. The forthcoming record is the first recorded in Tiersen’s The Eskal, an abandoned discotheque in the island of Ushant turned into studio, venue and community centre. As with previous efforts, ALL is mostly sung in Breton, and it features vocal contributions from guests Ólavur Jákupsson, Denez Prigent, Emilie Tiersen and Gaëlle Kerrien. Swedish artist Anna Von Hausswolff also collaborated with Tiersen on one of the album’s tracks, ‘Koad’, now available to stream with an accompanying video. ‘Koad’ features field recording of a redwood forest in Devon, near the Schumacher College, an institution cited as an important influence on the album which “helped to shape ALL’s overriding theme: ecology, environment and our connection to nature.”. Tiersen has described the institution as “a concentration of hope in a small place”. Watch the video below.

ALL is out on February 15th 2019 through Mute.

Listen to Yann Tiersen’s ‘Porz Goret’ from his upcoming book of sheet music Eusa

Yann Tiersen - Porz Goret

Just before the year draws to a close, Yann Tiersen is following up last year’s outstanding album ∞ (Infinity). Eusa, an album in the form of a book of sheet music, will see the light of day tomorrow. Named after the island of Ushant off the coast of Tiersen’s native Brittany, the effort features ten brand new piano pieces, each related to a specific location in Ushant. Here’s what the French composer said about it:

“Ushant is more than just a home – it’s a part of me. The idea was to make a map of the island and, by extension, a map of who I am. To begin with I chose ten locations on the island and made a series of field recordings at each of them. The pieces of piano music I then went on to write are named after these locations, and the sheet music for each piece is accompanied by a GPS coordinate and a photograph of the site taken by Emilie Quinquis.”

Tiersen has also created a website to accompany this release with photographs and field recordings from each location.

And to entice us further, Tiersen has shared an excerpt from the beautiful ‘Porz Goret’, with a video filmed and recorded at Porz Goret. Here it is.

Yann Tiersen is set to perform a series of live shows in May 2016, including two dates at London’s Barbican on May 7th and May 10th. Consisting of a collection of solo piano and violin works, Eusa’s ten new piano pieces will be the core of these performances.

Mogwai remix Yann Tiersen’s first single ‘A Midsummer Evening’

Photo: Katherine Rose

Photo: Katherine Rose

We’re getting excitingly close to the release of Yann Tiersen‘s new album ∞ (Infinity). The effort will see the light of day on May 19th in the UK/Europe and May 20th in North America via Mute.
Ahead of its release, Tiersen has unveiled a remix of ‘A Midsummer Evening’ by Mogwai. The original track, released previously, is taken from the forthcoming album.

In other related news, the French composer is live streaming a show from a secret location on May 5th at 7pm BST. Just head over to his website on the day to watch it.
Now listen to Mogwai’s remix of ‘A Midsummer Evening’.

Yann Tiersen unveils first single from forthcoming album

Yann Tiersen - Midsummer Night

We’ve been eagerly waiting to hear a full taste of Yann Tiersen‘s upcoming new album, ∞ (Infinity), even more so as the French composer had teased the effort last month with a stunning album trailer. Conceived and recorded between Paris, Brittany and Iceland, ∞ (Infinity) features guest collaborations from Aidan Moffat and Amiina amongst others who contributed in their native language to some of the album tracks sung and spoken in Breton, Faroese and Icelandic.
‘A Midsummer Evening’ is the first wonderful single from the album to emerge. Tiersen explained how the track came about:

“The idea was to start with toy instruments as a reference to my early works, then manipulate the sounds electronically. Then I added a new layer of acoustic instrumentation, and repeated the same process. Finally I repeated the process once more with strings, so the whole album was a constant back and forth from acoustic to electronic to digital, and then back to analogue.”

∞ (Infinity) drops on May 19th in the UK/Europe and May 20th in North America via Mute. Now listen to ‘A Midsummer Evening’.