Sarah Neufeld reveals video for new single ‘With Love and Blindness’

After enticing us with the poignant and beautiful lead single ‘Stories’, boundlessly inventive composer and violinist Sarah Neufeld has shared a brand new single, ‘With Love and Blindness’, taken from her upcoming third album, Detritus. Like the album, stemming from a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Peggy Baker, ‘With Love and Blindness’ was originally written for Baker’s choreography and performed live onstage by Neufeld and her Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara, along with “four women moving in meditative harmony, as if in secret communication”, as she explained. Neufeld re-worked and arranged the piece to what would become the album version with the addition of vocals. “The vocals on this track, and on other tracks on the album”, describes Neufeld, “are moments of catharsis, sweetness rising above pain, pushing forward into a sense of mystery.”

‘With Love and Blindness’ is offered with a video made by longtime collaborator Jason Last. Speaking about it, he commented:

“My ongoing creative collaboration with Sarah has always been an instinctive process. Because we know each other so well, and have worked together for so long, there is a lot of knowledge and trust that goes into the inspiration.
For With Love & Blindness we decided to shoot our experience in Corsica in June of 2019, where Sarah had been invited for a mini residency and to perform live. The video is an exploration of our time there, surrounded by the rugged nature of this Mediterranean island that lends so well to the energy behind her music.
Somewhere between documentation and fantasy, we captured Sarah in these environments, which later came together to visualize this powerful song from her new record.”

Detritus will land in all its resplendent glory on May 14th through Paper Bag Records in North America and One Little Independent Records in the rest of the world. Now wrap your ears around the enchanting and bewildering ‘With Love and Blindness’.

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