Steiger share first single off upcoming album, The New Lady Llama

We’ve been eagerly waiting for a full-length album from Steiger, after they took us by storm with their collaborative Brick Smoke Basement EP released last November. The Ghent trio of Gilles Vandecaveye, Kobe Boon and Simon Raman have now lifted the lid on its follow up, The New Lady Llama. Through composition and improvisation, Steiger continue to explore the outer margins of jazz as well as disparate territories and influences from contemporary music to electronica and pop, “yet remain faithful to the genre’s long-standing core principle; that of a flexible transformation”, as the press release describes.

We’ll have to wait until April 9th for The New Lady Llama to be out through Sdban Ultra but Steiger have already shared an astounding taste off it, ‘Lambda’. We’ve been playing it over and over again and if the single is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

Steiger release new EP Brick Smoke Basement

We’ve had a growing love for Belgian label Sbdan Records from the moment we laid our ears on the fine crop of artists and albums they have been putting out. The latest release to take us by storm comes from Ghent trio Steiger who released last month a collaborative EP with Australian composer, improviser and producer Joe Talia entitled Brick Smoke Basement. As with their previous material, the trio of Gilles Vandecaveye, Kobe Boon and Simon Raman continues to experiment and explore disparate influences from jazz, rock and pop to classical and electronic music,  through both composition and improvisation. Stemming from three residencies at Vooruit (Ghent), Flagey (Brussels) and deSingel (Antwerp), “this collaboration was a true dialogue”, describes the press release, “with Talia granted the freedom to remodel/remix the material that the band designed during their residencies.”

Brick Smoke Basement precedes a full-length album set for release next year and we’ll keep an eye out for that. Now, for an exhilarating taster of what they are offering, listen to the EP track ‘Malinka’ and head over to Bandcamp for the full treat.