Attacca Quartet’s new album out now, watch the video for latest single ‘Remind U’ ft. TOKiMONSTA

Photo: David Goddard

Attacca Quartet‘s stunner of a new album, Real Life, has hit shelves earlier this month. Real Life is an album of electronic music arrangements featuring reworks of tracks from electronic artists such as Anne Müller, Squarepusher, Daedelus, The Halluci Nation and Mid-Air Thief. After sharing the album’s title track, a rework of Louis Cole’s ‘Real Life’, Attacca Quartet are offering a video to accompany new single ‘Remind U’ featuring TOKiMONSTA, originally by Flying Lotus. Guest collaborator TOKiMONSTA had this to day about the Grammy Award-winning string ensemble:

“The Attacca Quartet reminds me why I love music. Even in their world, they break rules to further the boundaries of classical music. It was truly a pleasure to work with them and dabble in the genre that first introduced me to music as a child.”

Violist Nathan Schram also commented on this collaboration:

“I remember the first time I heard Flying Lotus’ music. It was a confusing combination of exhilaration, envy, and deep FOMO. His music is hyper-sophisticated, endlessly nuanced, and hits all the feels you didn’t know you had. It became one of my missions in life to find a way to bring this wild energy to our ever-growing Attacca universe. Of the three FlyLo tracks on the album, ‘Remind U’ is the most gentle and sentimental – getting deep into that bittersweet territory that is so hard to describe. Bringing TOKiMONSTA into the mix was the icing on the cake that brings the nostalgia all the way home.”

The music video for ‘Remind U’ was created by Calypo Spritz. Watch it now.

Real Life is out now through Sony Classical

Attacca Quartet share rework of Louis Cole’s ‘Real Life’, new album out next month

Photo: David Goddard

Adventurous New York based Attacca Quartet, known for their daring and exhilarating interpretations of works from the realms of traditional and contemporary classical music, are set to release a new album next month. Entitled Real Life, the album sees the string collective of Amy Schroeder, Domenic Salerni, Nathan Schram, and Andrew Yee thrillingly fuse classical and electronic music. An album of electronic music arrangements, Real Life features reworks of tracks from a cast of impressive electronic artists, including Flying Lotus, Louis Cole, Anne Müller, Squarepusher, Daedelus, The Halluci Nation and Mid-Air Thief. To bring the album to life, the ensemble worked with composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and Snarky Puppy bandleader Michael League as well as co-producer Nic Hard. Violist Nathan Schram comments:

“We thought about what the dream album could be that we hadn’t been able to make until we got this opportunity and this idea just started to flower; to bring all the different electronic music we listen to, into our string quartet world and to collaborate with a lot of different musicians, particularly Mike League, while using all the possibilities of music technology to make the biggest string quartet album we could. We all dug really deep into our interests and abilities and created an amazing, experimental, rocking, touching album that is Real Life.”

Real Life precedes another album slated for release later in 2021 featuring music by Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and a slew of Renaissance composers.

For now we can satiate ourselves with the latest single lifted from the forthcoming album, the title track by Louis Cole. Of the song, Attacca Quartet said:

“Who doesn’t love a little Louis Cole?! His music is zesty, humorous, and extremely satisfying. His song ‘Real Life’ encapsulates the wild and carefree feelings that we enjoyed so much while making this album.”

‘Real Life’ is offered with a video created by Calypo Spritz. Here it is.

Real Life is out on July 9th through Sony Classical