Adam Betts announces debut solo album Colossal Squid

Adam Betts - Colossol SquidThere’s exciting news from drumming powerhouse Adam Betts, who’s also one third of long time favourite band Three Trapped Tigers. Comes November 25th, the ingenious London based drummer will release his debut solo album, Colossal Squid, via Blood & Biscuits.
Betts plays challenging electronic rhythms with astonishing precision, having for years explored “the boundaries between electronic and live music, and celebrating the flaws thrown up when one tries to replicate the other”, as the press release describes. Some of his influences include Aphex Twin, Autechre, Arca and Oneohtrix Point Never.
Colossal Squid was originally written, developed and recorded over the course of a few months, but its actual final recording resulted from one live session. “It clicked that this was the way to represent the material in the best way possible – performed entirely live, as it happened. Any “mistakes”, any looseness, felt like a step away from the feeling of material being written with the click of a mouse at a computer.” explained Betts. “It’s really a punk album with tape delays instead of guitar chords.”

November may seem a long way away but we can already get a first taste of what Betts will be throwing at us with the insane opening track ‘Drumbones’.

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