Sergio Díaz De Rojas announces details of new album and shares second single

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Sergio Díaz De Rojas‘ upcoming album since the gorgeous, delicate and warm first taste ‘Maracuyá / Barranco’ emerged in December. The Valencia based Peruvian pianist and composer has now unleashed details of the album. Entitled The Muerte en una tarde de verano, the record will see the light of day on March 10th via Nettwerk.

Sergio is also enticing us further with a new single, ‘Canción para Otto y Elsa’, a sublime and melancholic track filled with poignant beauty. The track is a tribute to his grandfather and his grandfather’s sister, who were accomplished pianists and composers, and from whom he first gained inspiration. He comments:

“Otto was my grandpa (from my mom’s side), and Elsa, his sister, my great-aunt. My grandpa only saw me play the piano once, during a classical music recital when I was around twelve years old. Elsa, on the other hand, is the person that guided me as a pianist and composer until the day I left Peru. Otto was a natural genius that played for diverse orchestras and bands, from salsa to jazz, and released various amazing records. My great-aunt is a talented multidisciplinary artist, classically-trained pianist, and the most inspiring teacher I have ever had. They have completely different styles, personalities, and life stories, but there is a piece that I know both of them love: La Comparsa by Ernesto Lecuona. I love it, too, and hope to learn how to play it one day. Until then, this is my gift to them.”

‘Canción para Otto y Elsa’ comes with an accompanying video directed by Tiago Almança and starring Miriam Serrano. Watch it below.

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