Aquaserge tease upcoming seventh album, La Fin de l’Économie, with lead single ‘Le saut du tigre’

Photo: Baptiste Dété

Aquaserge have been turning our heads for a long time, enthralling us with every single album they release. A wonderful and thrilling supergroup, featuring a revolving lineup of incredible musicians, they draw on their collective musical background and improvisational sensibilities to create kaleidoscopic and bold compositions which effortlessly transcend genres.

We’re over the moon to know they are gracing us with a new album, following 2021’s The Possibility Of A New Work For Aquaserge, which was one of our Album Picks of the Year. Entitled La Fin de l’Économie, the new album will see the light of day on May 24th through Crammed Discs. Described as an ecological poem where present and past collide, the album draws inspiration from sources aplenty. “Listeners will encounter traces of Oulipo (the famous experimental French literary movement founded in the ’60s), Dada and free jazz”, as the press release says. “They will cross paths with the ghosts of Ennio Morricone, Walter Benjamin and Marguerite Duras, with the shadows of Kim Gordon and Brigitte Fontaine”.

Audrey Ginestet, Benjamin Glibert, Olivier Kelchtermans, Manon Glibert, and Julien Chamla, who make up the current lineup of Aquaserge, were all involved in the recording, each bringing their unique talents to the table.

May seems like a long while away but lucky for us they have today shared the opening track, ‘Le saut du tigre’, which means “The Tiger’s Leap” and refers to a famous text by cult thinker Walter Benjamin. ‘Le saut du tigre’ is an exhilarating and infectious guitar-driven track, with the band’s “trademark touches of jazz, ’70s film music, and poetry reflecting their radical views on the state of the world.” Aquaserge are offering the track with an accompanying video directed by their own Audrey Ginestet. Here it is.

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