Benoît Pioulard announces fifth album, Sonnet, and drops first new single

Benoit Pioulard - so etched in memory

Two years after the release of Hymnal, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Benoît Pioulard aka Thomas Meluch is ready to follow it up. His fifth solo album, Sonnet, arrives on March 30th via Kranky.
Here’s what Meluch said about his upcoming album:

“The basis of the album was a series of field recordings of tones and unintentional harmonies that I made in the summer & fall of 2013 – whistling industrial air conditioners, bird songs, locust drones, washing machines – that I mimicked or interpreted on the guitar, making loops that developed into fuller compositions…

 …Several of the pieces are recreations of harmony loops that I heard in a series of extraordinarily vivid dreams, and then woke up and recorded. A few pieces had lyrics and vocal parts that I ultimately removed; at a certain point the album became an exercise in restraint, so I strove to leave only what I felt absolutely essential…

…Unlike most of my previous recordings, there are no digital / software after-effects on the album; all sounds are from analog tape and / or my few guitar pedals.”

Ahead of the album’s release, Benoît Pioulard is enticing us with the first gentle, warm and dreamy new track ‘So etched in memory’. Listen to it below and check out the album trailer straight after.

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