Zel Zele release charity compilation EL ELE: Solidarity in the aftermath of Turkey & Syria earthquakes

In the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, London and Istanbul based label Zel Zele have put together a stellar compilation to raise funds for the people affected. Entitled El Ele, which means ‘hand in hand’ in Turkish, the wide-ranging compilation “unites the label’s musician friends from all over the globe to raise awareness through music”, as the label describes, spanning various genres, including jazz, new-wave, ambient, rock, experimental and dub. Featuring 21 tracks, El Ele includes contributions from a plethora of phenomenal artists and bands such as spiritual jazz quartet Ill Considered, free-jazz band Konstrukt’s Umut Çağlar, Anatolian psych band BaBa Zula’s Murat Ertel with Ulrich Troyer,London based musicians Tamar Osborn and Idris Rahman, Istanbul based drummer Berke Can Ozcan, New York based Michael Coltun (from Mdou Moctar), Porto based vocalist Ece Canlı, Franco-Peruvian thereminist Veronik, avant-garde French duo Pray Pax and many more. Zel Zele’s founders Debora and Ece had this to say about it:

“There is no compensation for the heartache we feel for what has happened in Turkey and Syria. The earthquake in our country Turkey has left an unimaginable number of people and animals homeless and hopeless at freezing winter temperatures. The damage is immense, especially with the slow response of the state, lacking sufficient emergency preparation and care. There’s a wide range of needs that will require donations for months, or even years.

100% of the sales of this bandcamp digital release will be donated to local NGOs along with friends’ grass-roots initiatives active in the region both in Turkey and Syria. Your generosity will help to provide shelter, food, education and more for those in need. In this lengthy recovery process, every donation has a significant impact on victims’ lives.

The first donations are planned for Bir Kira Bir Yuva, Molham Team in Syria as well our friends, KAF, who are directly working in the field in Kahramanmaraş, providing food, shelter and education. As the needs of the region evolve, we will add new organisations to donate for and will keep you informed.”

A crucial and meaningful project, EL ELE: Solidarity in the aftermath of Turkey & Syria earthquakes is now available on bandcamp and is packed with sonic energy. If you need more reasons to get your hands on it, Angélica Salvi, Ece Canlı, João Pais Filipe and Pedro Augusto, all based in Portugal, close the compilation with a monumental, hypnotic and ecstatic track called ’12’. Take a listen below.

Angélica Salvi announces new album, Habitat, and shares lead single ‘Crina’

Photo: Dinis Santos

Earlier this month Porto-based Spanish harpist Angélica Salvi announced the release of her new full-length album. Entitled Habitat, it follows to her 2019 debut album Phantone and it arrives on November 4th through Lovers & Lollypops. Her own habitat and her relation to it is what informs and influences the album. “Each of the songs is a sensory memory that can be relived over and over again, with changing nuances and subtleties”, describes the press release. “Memories captured and reproduced infinitely through labyrinthine patterns and sound textures, ambiguous melodies and flourishing harmonies that fluctuate, coexist and interact with other beings or elements in their universe of minimal language”.

Ahead of the album’s release, Salvi has shared the enchanting and beautiuful ‘Crina’, which translates from Portuguese as mane or horsehair and she describes the track as “the feeling of riding a horse… A journey into the unknown.” ‘Crina’ is offered with a video directed by filmmaker André Gil Mata. “He said he really enjoys to look at my hands when I play. He says it is like a dance,” Salvi said speaking about it. “He imagined my hands mimetized with a natural habitat. I told him I was imagining a mimetic atmosphere in the whole album: with water, plants, sand… so he chose plants, moss and water.”

Watch the video for ‘Crina’ now.