La Tène set to release new album Ecorcha/Taillée next month

There’s exciting news from La Tène, who have announced the release of a new album. Entitled Ecorcha/Taillée, the album sees the French-Swiss trio expand to a seven-piece, like in their previous record. Founding members Cyril Bondi, Alexis Degrenier and Laurent Peter are joined again by Jacques Puech, Louis Jacques, Guilhem Lacroux and Jérémie Sauvage to augment their entrancing and euphoric musical universe.

“La Tène’s long, hypnotic, wordless pieces are built from traditional folk instrumentation, wild percussion and blurred, subtle electronic embellishments”, as the press release describes, “and feel as ancient and earthy as those millennia-old artefacts – with all the metal, wood, dedication and craftsmanship they entailed.”

Arriving on February 3rd through Bongo Joe Records, Ecorcha/Taillée features two epic tracks recorded live in Le Gamounet near Clermont-Ferrand, in a barn converted into a ballroom and cultural centre.

Ahead of of the album’s release, La Tène have let loose the mesmeric and jubilant ‘La Taillée’. Listen to it and let yourself be carried away.

La Tène announce second album Tardive/Issime

La Tène - La tardiveFrench-Swiss trio La Tène are releasing a new album next month, following last year’s debut Vouerca/Fahy. Entitled Tardive/Issime, the record arrives on September 8th through three:four and Les Disques Bongo Joe.
Sharing the same method of composition as their previous album, as the press release describes, Tardive/Issime “employs a decidedly richer timbral palette, combining long heavy descenting harmonium sweeps, relentless percussion, and the ever more precise patterns and drones of the hurdy-gurdy”.
The news comes paired with the first taste from the album, the transcending and exhilarating ‘La tardive’, and an accompanying video featuring incredible old climbing footage.