Mixtape #150

August is upon us and what better way to set the mood than with a mixtape put together by Colombia’s Meridian Brothers. Audacious and adventurous composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronics geek Eblis Álvarez, the outlandish musical polymath behind it, created the project in 1998 as a vehicle to explore his interests in Colombian and Latin American musical traditions. The band has achieved international cult status amassing a rich catalogue taking in varied influences including cumbia, salsa, vallenato, tropicalismo and all sorts of Latin rhythms and tropical grooves, infused with his experimental spirit and humorous tone. We're delighted to bring you the delicious and effervescent mix Eblis crafted for our ear's delight, so press play and enjoy!

  1. Tom Zé – Toc [Continental]
  2. Frauen Von Avignon – Meine Liebe Mit Den Gelben Haaren [Diskret Label]
  3. Polibio Mayorga – Viva Mi Mamá [Primicias]
  4. Carlos Marajó – Lambada Seca [Gravasom]
  5. Amparo Ochoa – El Barzón [Discos Pueblo]
  6. Niño de Elche – Cabales Americanas [Sony Music]
  7. Alex Figueira – Lávate La Boca [Music With Soul! Records]
  8. Malphino – Moody Cumbia [Lex Records]
  9. Rizomagic – Ñocoñoco [Disasters By Choice]
  10. La sonora Mazurén – Charanga Mazurén [Names You Can Trust]
  11. Mau Gatiyo y los años maravillosos – 420 [In-Correcto]