Monolithe Noir set to release third album, Rin, this summer

Photo: Victor Pattyn

There’s a new album on the way from Monolithe Noir, the project of Antoine Pasqualini. Entitled Rin, the album came to life as trio, with the Breton musician and producer joined by Yannick Dupont on keyboards and bass and Christophe Claeys on drums.
Rin means “secret” in Breton and was inspired by the different landscapes in Brittany. “Sunken paths, gnarled trees, chiseled coasts, moor, Brest, lonely villages, peri-urban areas, a nuclear power station in the heart of Monts d´Arrée”, describes the press release. “The rain rain and sun throughout the day.”

We’ll have to wait until August 26th for Rin to be out through Capitane Records but they have already let loose two cuts from it, the explosive and entrancing ‘Balafenn’ and the driving and groovy ‘Finvus’. ‘Balafenn’ comes paired with a stunning video filmed and edited by Monolithe Noir, and shot in Cap Blanc Nez. Here’s both.

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