Mixtape #83 by The Evil Usses

The Evil Usses are a band like no other. Their wild and exhilarating live shows flow fluidly between thoughtful composition and improvisation as they venture into a dense jungle of sounds and influences, clearing their singular path with sharp melodies and heavy grooves. All of this, as well as the wide dynamics and playful humour of this unique Bristolian quartet can somehow be found in the mix they made for us this month. Press play and enjoy!

  1. Dieterich & Barnes – Special Questions [LM Dupli-Cation]
  2. Der Maurer – Da Sacrae Symphoniae: Canzon A Suonar, N°4 [Trovarobato Parade ]
  3. Deerhoof – Siriustar [ATP Recordings]
  4. Jimi Hendrix – One Rainy Wish [Track Record / Reprise]
  5. Taos Humm – RC [Stolen Body / Howling Owl Record]
  6. Haruomi Hosono – Cosmic Surfin’ [Cosmic Surfin' / Passion Flower]
  7. Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo – Moon Gas [MGM Records]
  8. The Space Lady – Ghost Riders In The Sky [Night School]
  9. Strange U – Shots [High Focus Records]
  10. Smog – I am Star Wars! [Drag City / Matador]
  11. John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chickentown [Epic]
  12. Captain Beefheart – When It Blows Its Stacks [Reprise]
  13. Eric Chenaux – Amazing Backgrounds [Constellation]
  14. Richard Dawson – The Bamburg Beast [Pink Triangle / Domino]
  15. Robert Palmer – Woke up Laughing [Island Records]
  16. Jib Kidder – Dozens [Weird World]
  17. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Envelop [Western Vinyl]

Mixtape #73 by Perhaps Contraption

This month's guest mixtape comes from the excellent, eccentric and boisterous Perhaps Contraption. The nine piece art-rock brass marching band is known for its high energy shows, blending a wide variety of musical genres like post-minimalism, jazz, contemporary classical, and avant-rock. We're happy to confirm that the music selection sent to us by artistic director and piccolo/flute player Christo Squier is just as eclectic, fun and frantic.