Le Guess Who?’s Who 2017: Liars

There’s less than a month to go before Le Guess Who? takes over Utrecht. With over 150 artists set to perform, how do we make sense of such a monumental line-up? We made a list of the artists we’re most excited to see and asked them for their recommendations.


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Performing Thursday 9th November at De Helling

Photo: Vernon Maxwell

Now eight albums in, and having just released TFCF, Liars’ music has shifted from album to album, constantly taking exciting and unexpected turns. TFCF is the first record as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew, who after living in New York, Berlin and LA, moved back to a remote part of his native Australia. We never know what to expect from Liars but we do know Angus and his new touring band will be tearing through a wild set spanning new and old material. And now we also know what Angus is looking forward to at Le Guess Who?.




Performing Sunday 12th November at EKKO, curated by Perfume Genius

“Margaret Chardiet is one of my favourite artists of the last few years. We actually played a festival with her in Beijing a couple of years ago but scheduling conflicts meant I couldn’t see her perform. I thoroughly hope things work out better at Le Guess Who? so I can finally witness what I’ve only been able to imagine.” Angus Andrew


Le Guess Who? will take place 9-12 November. For the full line-up, tickets and more info visit leguesswho.com. And stay tuned for more artists we’re excited about picking their own Le Guess Who?’s Who.

Watch Liars’s new video for ‘Staring at Zero’

Liars‘ eighth album TFCF came out last month and we’re all over it. ‘Staring At Zero’ is just one of the eleven killer tracks on the album and it’s now being offered with an eerie video directed by Clemens Habicht.

Liars have an ongoing mammoth tour with several dates spilling into the end of the year, and are one of our Le Guess Who? 2017 highlights, with a show on November 9th.

TFCF is out now through Mute.

Liars drop new video for single ‘Cred Woes’

Liars are back with a killer of an album, TFCF, released last week through Mute. ‘Cred Woes’, the record’s first single, is now being offered with a video directed by Yoonha Park. Check it out below.

To mark the release of TFCF, Liars will be touring North America and Europe for the best part of the next 3 months, with stops at London’s Heaven on October 27th and at Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? on November 9th. Check out the full list of dates here.

Listen to two new singles from Liars’ upcoming album TFCF

Liars - TFCFWe’re getting excitingly close to the release of TFCF, Liars‘ eighth album and first as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew. After sharing the first single ‘Cred Woes’ last month, Liars know how to turn heads. The outfit is offering not one but two new and very different cuts from the album, ‘The Grand Delusional’ and ‘Coins In My Caged Fist’. ‘The Grand Delusional’ is a quieter and darker affair opening with acoustic guitar, while ‘Coins In My Caged Fist’, featuring drum machines and samples, navigates a much wilder territory. “I wanted to do lots of sampling,” explained Angus. “I’d done a little in the past, but I’d started to realize the possibilities of the process, of sampling myself playing ‘proper’ instruments, and then using the sampler to put it all together in an ‘artificial’ way.”

Grab TFCF when it drops on August 25th through Mute and listen to ‘The Grand Delusional’ and ‘Coins In My Caged Fist’ below.

With a new touring band and a mammoth tour kicking off tomorrow at Visions Festival in London, Liars are hitting stages all over Europe and North America throughout the Summer and Autumn. The band is also set to perform at the mighty Le Guess Who? Festival which takes place in Utrecht November 9th-12th.

Liars reveal first single from upcoming new album TFCF

Photo: Zen Sekizawa

Photo: Zen Sekizawa

Three years on from the release of Mess, Liars have a new album on the way, entitled TFCF and set for release on August 25th via Mute. TFCF, which stands for Theme From Crying Fountain, sees Liars re-emerge as the solo project of singer and guitarist Angus Andrew, following the amicable departure of Aaron Hemphill. Recorded in Andrew’s native Australia, where he had moved back to to live in a remote part, the album is informed by his new surrounding and life style. He explains:

“Suddenly, the tides of the ocean became the most important thing to me, because I live right on the ocean now, and to get my boat out in the morning to get groceries on the mainland I’ve got to know when the tide is coming in, or I’ll get stuck. Very basic things like that suddenly became top priority in my life. And the effect was interesting. The last record, Mess, was made in LA, and had very tight corners and clean edges – it was sharp, programmed, organised. It sounds a lot like living in a city. But now, everything started to fall off-time.”

Ahead of TFCF‘s release, Liars has shared the first single from it, ‘Cred Woes’, and we can’t stop playing it. Here it is.

To celebrate the release of TFCF, Liars will hit the road this Summer and Autumn with a new touring band. With several live dates in Europe and North America, the tour kicks off at London’s VISIONS Festival on August 5th and includes a show at Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? Festival in November. Check their website for all dates and other info.

Liars premiere video for ‘Mess on a Mission’

Liars - Mess on a Mission

Liars’ new album, Mess, came out last week and we must admit, we are addicted to it. The album’s frantic and excellent lead single, ‘Mess on a Mission’, has just been complimented with a weirdly apocalyptic and funny video. Luis Cervéro directs. Watch it now.

Mess is out now via Mute.