Mixtape #61

British mavericks Red Snapper have proven to be one of the most consistently inventive and ground-breaking band since their inception in the early 90's. Crafting a unique sound combining traditional jazz instrumentation and contemporary electronica, the outfit of Rich Thair, Ali Friend and David Ayers, and more recent member Tom Challenge, are well known for their thrilling live shows. Being huge fans, we asked Red Snapper to curate this month's mixtape and the band's groove master Rich Thair put together a tremendous collection of tracks. Enjoy!


Red Snapper announce Wonky Bikes EP

Red Snapper - Wonky Bikes

Last year Red Snapper released the outstanding Hyena, which was one of our Album Picks of 2014. So we’re excited to know they are following it up with a new EP called Wonky Bikes. A mind-blowing live version of the main track, originally lifted from Hyena, is offered in the EP. As the press release describes, the band injected the live cut “with a seething dose of voodoo funk that perfectly encapsulates the raw, live Red Snapper sound.”.
The EP also features a remix by the band’s drummer Rich Thair of his favourite album track, ‘Traffic’ and a remix by Saint Petersburg based DJ and producer Kito Jempere of ‘Blue Chest’. Grab the EP when it drops on April 27th via Lo Recordings and now get dancing with the live version of ‘Wonky Bikes’.

Red Snapper are back with new album, drop first single

Red Snapper - Card Trick

Lo and behold! For a new album from British ground-breaking and outstanding band Red Snapper has been announced. Hyena was inspired by the score they composed for the 1973 classic Senegalese film Touki Bouki, directed by Djibril Diop Mambety and restored recently by Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation.
Ahead of Hyena‘s release on September 1st via Lo Recordings, Red Snapper got us salivating with the first funky and infectious single, ‘Card Trick’. The single, which has its own The Card Trick EP, came out last Monday and it also features remixes by Auntie Flo, Tici Taci and Rich Thair.
Now play ‘Card Trick’ again and again.