Moses Sumney drops video for ‘Call-to-Arms’ from new EP Black in Deep Red, 2014

Moses Sumney‘s debut album, Aromanticism, came out last year and the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist didn’t waste any time working on its follow-up. And good thing too. First, and earlier this year, he released the EP Make Out in My Car: Chameleon Suite, featuring remixes of Aromanticism‘s single ‘Make Out in My Car’. And last Friday saw the release of a three-track EP entitled Black in Deep Red, 2014. The EP takes its name from a 1957 painting by Mark Rothko. Sumney comments on it:

“Black in Deep Red, 2014 was ignited by the first and last time I attended a protest. It was in the fall of 2014, after a grand jury decided not to charge the offending officer in the Mike Brown murder, delivering the verdict just in time for them to get home for Thanksgiving. I felt like a camouflaged outsider at the protest, like an anthropologist performing a study amongst his own kind. I took to the mountains soon after that and wrote these songs, wondering if power was a transferable device that could change hands through the vocalizing of unrest.”

The EP’s wondrous ‘Call-to-Arms’ featuring guest Shabaka Hutchings, has received the visual treatment. The video is by Sam Cannon. Watch it below.

Black in Deep Red, 2014 is out now through Jagjaguwar

Hello Skinny unveils cover version of Kit Grill’s ‘Velodrome’

Kit Grill - Velodrome (Hello Skinny cover)

Tom Skinner, the man behind Hello Skinny, always has his hands on quite a few stellar projects, that include most recently The Grip, Sons Of Kemet, Melt Yourself Down, Matthew Herbert, and The Owiny Sigoma Band, to name but a few. His latest offering under Hello Skinny sees him reworking Kit Grill’s genle single ‘Velodrome’. Kit Grill rarely turns in remixes, but he made an exception for the stunning all live set up cover version of ‘Velodrome’. Hello Skinny’s cover morphs the more digital original into an acoustic affair. “The idea was to replay some of the core melodic and rhythmic material but rearranged loosely for a more acoustic set up”, says the press release. Skinner enlisted the help of band mate and frequent collaborator Shabaka Hutchings, who astoundingly played the clarinet as a one-take performance. “A feat of human physical endurance, he manages to maintain the repetition of the part whilst changing the timbre and texture through circular breathing and other extended techniques.”
GETME! are releasing Hello Skinny’s cover of Kit Grill’s ‘Velodrome’ on September 22nd, but you can already be enthralled by its beauty. Here it is.