Listen to Adam Betts’ third single ‘Hero Shit’ off upcoming debut album

Photo: Jo Bongard

Photo: Jo Bongard

Colossal Squid, the highly awaited debut album from Adam Betts is nearing its release date and he had already enticed us with two ace singles off it, ‘Drumbones’ and ‘Aneek’.
To get us even more excited, the incredibly talented drummer has shared the awesome and relentless ‘Hero Shit’, also culled from his forthcoming album. “’Hero Shit’ was me chasing a dumb euphoric feeling summed up by the title! Inspired by a mix of the Rustie’s sense of energy but as played by a rock band,” explained Betts. “Vocal samples are chopped up attempting to sound like a crowd shouting over each other, but rhythmically tied to the drum kit, so there’s a lot of chaos but it comes together in a way that makes a bit of musical sense.” Listen to it now.

In other related good news, and to celebrate the album’s release, Adam Betts has announced a launch show at London’s Servant’s Jazz Quarters on November 29th.

Colossal Squid is out on November 25th via Blood and Biscuits.

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