Mute Duo set to release new album, Migrant Flocks, in April

There’s exciting news from Chicago’s Mute Duo, who are set to release a third album, following 2020’s Lapse in Passage, which was one of our Album Picks of the year. Entitled Migrant Flocks, the album will see the light of day on April 14th through American Dreams. The upcoming album encapsulates the power and energy that permeates their live shows, and as the press release describes, it “traverses across pastoral and urban sonic landscapes”.

On the record, the necessity of migration, whether in humans, cetaceans or birds, is explored as a theme by the duo of pedal steel guitarist Sam Wagster and drummer Skyler Rowe. “Migration is something you can’t help,” says Rowe. “You can’t help how things are constantly moving or evolving. You have to change with it.” Wagster adds, “In terms of human movement, the different motives for migration came to mind: people fleeing an increasingly hostile climate or hostile political circumstances; people leaving home for a chance at a better economic situation; or—as is the case for both of us—a cultural migration, where one is drawn away from where they grew up by creative sounds, ideas and the opportunity to participate in a progressive artistic community.”

In addition to their core instruments, Wagster and Rowe incorporated other instruments namely vibraphone and piano from Rowe, and organ, drum machine and programming from Wagster.

The announcement comes alongside single ‘Night Guides’, a gripping and fierce first taste. Take a listen now.

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