GoGo Penguin reveal third single ‘Friday Film Special’

Following the transcendent ‘Glimmerings‘ and the majestic ‘Saturnine’, GoGo Penguin have now revealed ‘Friday Film Special’, the third sublime single from their forthcoming new album Everything Is Going to Be OK. A low-fi track, ‘Friday Film Special’ is inspired by DJ Shadow’s seminal album Entroducing….., and bassist Nick Blacka had this to say about it:

“Chris and I have been big fans of hip hop and instrumental hip hop albums for many years and it’s something that we haven’t had much chance to explore before with GoGo Penguin. Albums such as DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing were a huge influence on us when we were young and Friday Film Special really tips its cap to the hip hop instrumentals that we’d grown up loving. We were both into skateboarding as kids and I think we wanted to capture a nostalgic throwback to those times.

I remember being incredibly young and asking my older brother what he was watching one day, and he said, ‘Friday Film Special’. Friday Film Specials were a series of films made by the Children’s Film Foundation and were on TV every Friday in the mid to late 80s. Even at the time, they felt old because most of them were made in the 1970s, so all the kids were wearing flares. It’s one of the most retro and nostalgic things I could think of.”

Listen to ‘Friday Film Special’ below and grab the album when it’s out on April 14th through Sony Music/XXIM.

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