Matthew Collings shares new track made using own software

Matthew Collings

Last summer, Edinburgh based composer Matthew Collings joined Denovali Records who released his tremendous recent album Silence is a Rhythm Too and reissued his debut Splintered Instruments.
Collings has been busy developing a new software and now he’s offering ‘The Wind In The Air’ as a taste for what he’s making with it. As the man described himself, the track is “a heavy, windy landscape. 100% Synthetic.” Take a listen below.

Matthew Collings joins Denovali, announces new album release and debut album re-release

Matthew Collings - Toms

Splintered Instruments, the debut album from Edinburgh based composer Matthew Collings, is being re-released by the ever wonderful Denovali Records on July 25th. Collings worked closely with frequent collaborator Ben Frost, who produced and engineered the album. There’s more to look forward to from Collings. The label is also releasing his brand new solo album, Silence is a Rhythm Too, on the same day.
Silence Is A Rhythm Too takes its title from a line from an 80’s song by The Slits called ‘In The Beginning There Was Rhythm’.
The album ”is about trying to find grace, space and expanse as much as tension and menace, and reconciling the two”, as the press release explains. It “keeps an eye on the small textural details as it is about harmony and physicality in the moment where silence and noise meet”.

‘Toms’ is the first tremendous cut to be lifted from Silence Is A Rhythm Too. Listen to it below, and straight after, check out the album trailer video.