Mixtape #147

A prominent force in the Brazilian jazz scene, Caixa Cubo have been making waves internationally since starting the project back in 2007. Made up of long-time friends Henrique Gomide (keys), João Fideles (drums) and Noa Stroeter (bass), the three forward-thinking musicians, hailing from São Paulo, have been exploring new sonic territories whilst developing their own musical language. With a knack for improvisation, the trio’s compositions boast spontaneity and meticulousness in equal measure. Last Friday Caixa Cubo released their eighth full-length album, Agôra, an intoxicating and beguiling record bursting at the seams with grooves and energy. So we’re stoked they found the time to pick a few favourite artists and tracks for our monthly mixtape, lovingly mixed by Chris Dusty from their label Jazz & Milk.

  1. Wayne Shorter – Ponta de Areia [Columbia]
  2. Gal Costa – Pontos de Luz [Philips]
  3. Cassiano – Rio Best-Seller [Columbia]
  4. Wando – Libertas Que Serás Um Beija-Flor [Som Livre]
  5. Caixa Cubo – Sábado (feat. Zé Leônidas) [Jazz & Milk]
  6. Caixa Cubo – Dreams (feat. Xênia França) [Jazz & Milk]
  7. Gal Costa – Da Maior Importância [Philips]
  8. Emílio Santiago – Trocando Em Miúdos [Philips]
  9. João Donato – Debutante’s Ball [Blue Thumb Records]
  10. Grupo Um – Onze Por Oito [Far Out Recordings]
  11. Dom Salvador E Abolição – Guanabara [CBS]
  12. Airto Moreira – Romance Of Death [Epic Associated / Legacy]
  13. Trio Mocotó – Xuxu Melão [Arlequim]
  14. Caixa Cubo – Palavras [Heavenly Recordings]
  15. Caixa Cubo – Baião Malandro [Heavenly Recordings]