Aquaserge’s Guerre EP arrives next month, listen to first track ‘Les Zouzes’

Aquaserge - Guerre EPWith brilliant musicians that count numerous contributions and membership in other projects like Stereolab, Tame Impala, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Acid Mothers Temple, Aquaserge is a band you ought to know, if you don’t already. They create incredibly original music drawing influences from various genres, from psych pop, free jazz and noise to vintage French lm music and 60s/’70s rock. Julien Barbagallo, Julien Gasc and Benjamin Glibert, who formed the band in Toulouse in 2005, were “eager to explore the abyssal depths of the rock; kraut, noise, progressive, free … and explode the “song format” in the spirit of the late 60s in the manner of Wyatt, Gainsbourg, Coltrane, Zappa, Hendrix and the Beach Boys”, explains a press release. Their music, it adds, “tells of the strange mythology of Captain Serge wandering in the abyss aboard his submarine cigar…”.
Aquaserge’s ever evolving line-up has incorporated a number of different collaborators, with Audrey Ginestet and Manon Glibert now being a core part of the band.

The quintet are set to release a full-length album in early 2017 via Crammed Discs. Preceding the album’s release, Aquaserge will also be releasing an EP entitled Guerre EP which comes out September 16th. The EP features four songs, each a universe on its own. The wonderful and exotic opening track ‘Les Zouzes’ serves as a marvellous teaser for what is to come. And it comes with a video made by Olia Eichenbaum.

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