Moskus’s fourth album Mirakler out now

We may have missed Mirakler, the outstanding and adventurous fourth album from Moskus, when it came out last month, but we now have it firmly stuck in our hearts. Constantly shifting and evolving, the Norwegian trio, consisting of Anya Lauvdal on keys, Fredrik Luhr Deitrichson on double bass and Hans Hulbaekmo on drums/percussion, take a free-form approach to improvisation, with new elements and different moods from song to song. In their universe, “there may be no such thing as a finished product, as everything remains permanently in flux and subject to further adaption and change”, describes the album’s blurb. “Even as it is articulated, a thought or musical phrase is already being reconsidered or evolving into something else. This is contingent music, hyper-alert to nuance and environment, changing like temperature or the weather just as the dynamic of the trio shifts its emphasis when roles are exchanged or the lead swapped from one player to another.”

Here’s an album teaser for a little taste of what you’ve been missing out on.

Mirakler is out now through Hubro

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