Julia Kent announces new album Temporal

2019 will get off to a marvellous start with the release of Julia Kent‘s new album Temporal, arriving on January 25th through The Leaf Label. Temporal follows 2015’s Asperities and the Canadian cellist and composer originally wrote many of its compositions for theatre and dance productions. “The initial inspiration was more external than internal, in that many of these pieces began as a response to a text or a choreographic concept,” she explained, “but they all seemed to be coming from the same emotional world and it made sense to weave them together into a record.” Julia comments further:

“When I perform live with dance and theatre, it makes me enormously aware of the fragility of our physical world. Dancers and actors, anyone whose instrument is their body, have nothing to protect them from the rules of gravity and time. They are so strong, but they’re subject to those demands in a more extreme way because of the physicality of what they’re doing. Onstage, I have an instrument to mediate for me, but they are bare. When I work with dancers, especially, I feel as though there can be an incredible energy exchange. They create a sort of weather system on the stage.”

The poignant and compelling ‘Imbalance’ is the first single to emerge and you can listen to it below.

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