Ben Vince’s new album Don’t Give Your Life out now

Last month Thirty Three Thirty Three relaunched as a record label and put out three very special releases, including Keiji Haino and Charles Hayward’s A Loss Permitted, to open one’s eyes…, and Oren Amabarchi, Mark Fell, Sam Shalabi and Will Guthrie’s Oglon Day. The other stunning release comes from the hands of British saxophonist, improviser and producer Ben Vince. Following last year´s widely acclaimed Assimilation, Vince has released his new album Don’t Give Your Life, described  by the label as “the strongest work yet from an artist whose work demonstrates a risk-taking, omnivorous appetite for the new while also digging deeper and deeper into a unique sonic sensibility.”

Here´s a striking track from the album, ‘Makeshift Paradigm’, to get you enticed.

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