Red Snapper’s Rich Thair and Ali Friend form new band Number, listen to debut single ‘Face Down in Ecstasy’

Rich Thair and Ali Friend, co-founders of revered British band Red Snapper, have unveiled a new project called Number. Said to be inspired by a love of bands like A Certain Ratio and Talking Heads and also P funk and scratchy dub, the pair will release their debut album Binary on August 23rd through Sunday Best Recordings. According to the press release, Rich and Ali formed Number “as a means of rediscovering something of what they grew up with; the dirty disco bass lines, noisy drum machines, wonky percussion, leering live drums, jagged guitar melodies and uplifting soulful song of the 80’s”.

To bring the project to life, the duo have also enlisted the help of Dan Carney (Astronauts), Luisa Tunstall-Behrens and Heloise Gerstein (Landshapes), Byron Wallen (trumpet) and John Metcalfe (strings).

Ahead of the album’s release, we can already hear what they’ll be throwing at us with debut single ‘Face Down in Ecstasy’. “Face Down was inspired by our love of late 70’s and early 80’s dirty disco and funk, combined with the do-it -yourself art school approach of some new wave bands like A Certain Ratio, Magazine etc,” explained Ali. “For us it was a fresh look at those times, but very much re-appraised through a pair of 2019 vari-focals. We enjoy the clash of old ideas with new ones; old sounds with new ones.; acoustic with electronic.”
The single comes with an animated video, produced and directed by Leo Nicholson and you can watch it below.


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