Alexander Noice to release new album Noice later this month

Photo: Jordan Kirschner

Every now and again a song hits us so hard that we just can’t stop listening to it. In the case of Alexander Noice, and his latest single ‘Black Darwin’, we felt the need to explore all his music and projects. An exciting discovery for us, Noice has been making his mark in the LA music scene for more than a decade now. An utterly brilliant composer, guitarist, producer and bandleader, Noice has performed, recorded and collaborated with many artists and projects, including his own ensembles Falsetto Teeth and NOICE. With the latter, drawing on genres like jazz, electronic music, minimalist opera and art rock, he is set to release a self-titled album where he “explores the elusive nature of identity and self-discovery amidst an increasing array of distraction and affectation”. On his upcoming album, and as the press release describes, Noice “delve[s] into topics involving false pretenses pervasive in modern social contexts, and the search for meaning in revelations of science and technology.”

The aforementioned single ‘Black Darwin’ is the latest electrifying and majestic song to be lifted from the album and Noice has shared a brilliant video for it directed by Bennett Cerf. Two other phenomenal tracks from the record had been shared previously, ‘Affectation’ and ‘Never Thought I Would’. Check all three below and grab the album when it’s out on August 23rd through Orenda Records.

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