Squarepusher premieres new video for ‘Detroit People Mover’ off Lamental EP

Last January saw Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher release his first album in five years, Be Up A Hello. Only a few months down the line, the Warp stalwart unveiled a new EP called Lamental, featuring ‘Detroit People Mover’ from that record as well as three new tracks. Squarepusher has also premiered a video for ‘Detroit People Mover’, filmed in the actual driver-less mass transit system after which the track is named. Unlike the previous video for ‘Terminal Slam’, shot in one the busiest crossings in the world in Shibuya, the video for ‘Detroit People Mover’ portrays “the desolation settling on urban areas across the world”. Jenkinson had this to say about it:

“I like the way both of these videos articulate salient points about our urban environments – in “Terminal Slam” about the prevalence of advertising and possibilities for its subversion, and here regarding our zombie cities that despite the lack of everyday human contact continue marching on. The track itself is part of a series begun in 1993 inspired by the music of Detroit.”

Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman directed the video, watch it below.

Lamental EP is out now through Warp

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