Matthias Lindermayr announces new album, Triptych, and shares video for title track

German trumpet player Matthias Lindermayr has announced the release of a new album titled Triptych. Unlike his two previous albums, 2015’s Lang Lang and 2018’s New Born, released in a quintet setting, Triptych is a trio album featuring Philipp Schiepek on acoustic guitar and Simon Popp on percussion. Lindermayr comments:

“In my previous bands, I always had the feeling that my strengths on the trumpet didn’t always come into their own. In this line-up, there is finally a lot of room for me. Even quiet, nuanced things don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle, and even when things get wilder we are at a dynamic level where the trumpet doesn’t have to scream.

I wanted to write simple melodies that my fellow musicians could play immediately, so that they could concentrate even more on sound and interplay when rehearsing and recording. The other half of the pieces were two-part compositions that I had written for a duo formation, but whose character demanded a different instrumentation.”

Triptych arrives on November 5th through Squama Recordings and ahead of it, Lindermayr has shared the transcendent title track. It comes with an accompanying video inspired by his love for running and cooking. “Good food and a balanced diet are very important to me”, he explains, adding: “Cooking has become a real hobby over the last few years. Both strictly according to a recipe and freely improvised, with whatever the fridge has to offer. The comparisons to making music are there, of course, but perhaps a little overused.”

Lion Bischoff directed the video. Watch it now.

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