Naytronix announces new album, Other Possibilities, and shares first single ‘Somebody’

Here’s the thing: we love Naytronix so news of a new record from the phenomenal multi-instrumentalist and producer is something we’re always itching for. He has a new album on the way, Other Possibilities, releasing on October 29th through Overseas Artists Recordings. In the works for four years, Other Possibilities encapsulates and reflects a number of changes and adaptations that occurrred over this period, including a shoulder injury.

“The album started off as a pursuance: a search for the perfect version of whatever it is we’re supposed to be creating”, explains the press release. “But what he found over the course of the four years writing the album, through changes both intentional and circumstantial, was that his strongest work happened when the boundaries came down, the pressure was gone and the process became more enjoyable.”

Along with the album announcement, Naytronix has also revelead the first single, ‘Somebody’, a catchy and feel good song that radiates a breathe of optimism. It comes with an accompanying video directed by Hank + Tank. Watch it below.

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