Pevin Kinel unleashes video for new track ‘Komatsu SR-75’

New music from incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist Pevin Kinel is always welcomed with excitement, even more so when it sounds as good as his brand new track ‘Komatsu SR-75’. Marking his first new music release since relocating from London to Porto, ‘Komatsu SR-75’ is a sublime and compelling track encapsulating a range of emotions. A veritable one-man-orchestra, with a flair for experimenting with different sounds and genres, on the new track he plays classical guitar, bass, clarinet, and even cardboard drums.

Pevin has shot and directed a fittingly cinematic video to accompany the track. Speaking about how the song and the video came about, he comments:

“It’s not often I lose sleep over the title of a track, but in this instance this is exactly what happened. Komatsu is one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of heavy machinery, and the SR-75 by Soilmec is an enormous hydraulic piling rig, and for the last 6 months the combination of both has been making a lot of noise, everyday from 8am to 8pm, in front of my window.

A few weeks ago I took the opportunity of the oasis of silence that is the weekend to record a series of guitar chords I’d just stumbled upon, and started layering percussions, bass and clarinets on top of it. Then to make a video I simply filmed the building site one evening.

If the song had lyrics, it would be about the fact that they’re building a tube station where there used to be a park. Now, I’m totally for more public transport but somehow it felt weird to see dozens of trees being cut down and green grass being turned to mud and concrete, in an effort to help the environment. This in turn made me think of the idea that we live in a system that can only function if it makes a margin, at the same time as we come to realise that the only margin left to make is at the expense of nature. So all in all, it’s just as well it doesn’t have lyrics, because it would have been a massive headache to make all of this rhyme.”

Watch the video for ‘Komatsu SR-75’ below.

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