Gargle drop Glow In The Gloom

Jun Minowa and Satoshi Ikeda are the Japanese duo behind experimental post-rock outfit Gargle, helped by Kei Sunayama on doublebass and Yoko Ikeda on violins.

Glow In The Gloom is their brand new album released a couple of days ago via Fluttery Records. You can stream/buy the record on Gargle’s bandcamp.

“They offer instrumental music combining mixed emotions as if which is trying to express a gleam of light in the darkness.” says the label’s blurb. “The sounds are sometimes cinematic and dynamic, and the sensitive and pathetic melodies are running through the sounds as if looking for literally a glow in the gloom.”

 ‘Presage’ is the beautiful opening track off Glow In The Gloom and there’s some subtle visuals accompanying it. Enjoy.

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