Mansur Brown to release new EP, NAQI VOL.2, and album-length mixtape, NAQI

Photo: Filmawi

One of the most talented young musicians on the effervescent London jazz scene, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mansur Brown is on a roll and has been for a while. Following his second album, Heiwa, released last year, Mansur put out an EP, NAQI Vol. 1, earlier this year. He’s following it up with NAQI VOL.2 and the NAQI Mixtape, a LP vinyl which comprises both NAQI EPs. “The first volume had a summery feel – I think of it as being out at the dance”, says Mansur . “While the second volume has more of an introspective feel. I think of it as being the car ride home.”

Both ‘NAQI VOL.2’ EP and NAQI mixtape are set for release on November 18th through his own AMAI Records and ahead of it Mansur has shared the staggering title track. He comments:

“Naqi means ‘pure’ in Arabic, and this track is about being pure of mind, pure of heart. If we don’t overcome our problems, or we carry them with us, we might not love in the purest way. We might seek affection or companionship in a way that’s codependent, or not healthy. But we can be revitalised by opening doors of stress or pain. It’s a way of starting a new chapter, and accepting that growth and development are a part of life.”

Listen to ´Naqi´below and order the EP and the mixtape on bandcamp.

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