Flash Amazonas to release new album, uva-uva, next week

Photo: Guillermo Latorre.

Madrid based Colombian musician Julián Mayorga and Japanese producer/multi-instrumentalist Ryota Miyake crossed paths by chance in 2015 when both took up residency for two weeks at Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. Not long after, working remotely from their respective homes in Madrid and Tokyo, the two artists started trading ideas back-and-forth and Flash Amazonas came into being. Self-described as a “modern band emulating a 90s band, emulating a 60s band”, Flash Amazonas named the project after an Ecuadorian money transfer business. A fruitful partnership, the pair released their debut record, Binary Birds, in 2019 and in just a week they are following it up with uva-uva. Uva translates from Spanish as grape, and on uva-uva the pair serve a flavourful plate of exhilarating compositions, taking in influences including DIY punk bolero and scrappy Latin no-wave. “I imagine this album tasting like bubblegum-flavoured grape” said Mayorga of the upcoming album.

uva-uva is due out on October 28th through 60Nice and ahead of it Flash Amazonas have released three singles, the latest being ‘La Reina Es Un Largato’ (The Queen Is a Lizard), which is described as “a post-pandemic conspiracy theorists fever dream of vaccine questions, reptilian overlords and Michael Jackson moonwalking controversy, set to a jarring & grimy Brazilian samba”. Listen to it below and straight after listen to the previous singles, ‘Panda’ & ‘Ulolo’.

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