Grandbrothers release second single ‘Daybreak’

Photo: Dan Medhurst

Grandbrothers have a new album on the way, Late Reflections, recorded in the iconic Cologne Cathedral. Last month they shared the grand and gripping lead single ‘Infinite’, and now have let loose another track from the album called ‘Daybreak’. Speaking about it, pianist Erol Sarp had this to say:

“During the recording process, we found ourselves in a highly shifted rhythm. We worked exclusively at night until early morning. When we packed up our things around 6 a.m., the windows began to shine and the cathedral seemed to awaken. This visual transformation was central symbol of the recording process for us, that’s why ‘Daybreak’ is the album’s opener”.

‘Daybreak’ is offered with a video accompaniment made by filmmaker Manfred Borsch. The duo’s Lukas Vogel offered some insight about it:

“Manfred has been with us for a very long time, and as a Cologne native, he naturally has a close relationship with the cathedral. Richter, after all, left the arrangement of the colors he chose to a random generator; he wanted to avoid any representationalism. Manfred follows a similar path, he abstracts and deconstructs the window cinematically once again.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of Late Reflections on April 14th through City Slang.

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