Watch Divide And Dissolve’s video for new single ‘Indignation’

Photo: Yatri Niehaus

Systemic, the new album Divide and Dissolve, is set for release on June 30th through Invada and back in April they shared the beautiful, powerful and gripping lead single ‘Blood Quantum’. As we get closer to release day, Divide and Dissolve are teasing the album again with a poignant and potent new single titled ‘Indignation’. The track is “a prayer that land be given back to Indigenous people,” explained saxophonist and guitarist Takiaya Reed. “A hope that future generations no longer experience the atrocities and fervent violence that colonisation continues to bring forth.” ‘Indignation’ is offered with a video directed by Sepi Mashiahof and Reed had this to say about it:

“In reflecting on the powerful and vital messaging found in Divide and Dissolve’s music: decolonization, the destruction of white supremacy, and liberation from oppressive structures—this video is about the collective grief we experience about the lives we all could have were it not for the cruel and arbitrary systems of power that impede each and every one of our potentials. The potential to truly love ourselves and each other is distorted by the agendas of vicious capitalist vultures who seek to emaciate our joys, bonds, and communities for their own gain. This video depicts an abstracted portrait of what suffering under these accelerating conditions feels like. Technology, dysphoria, dream-form sentience, transaction, and depersonalization constitute the thematic palette, laid upon the hope of shedding our current forms and transcending into boundless, beautiful ether.”

Watch the video below.

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