Listen to Don Kapot’s second single, ‘Macarona’, off forthcoming LP I Love Tempo

Don Kapot are back with a new proof of their infectious and buoyant sounds and rhythms, with their fourth album. Entitled I Love Tempo, it arrives on September 15th through W.E.R.F. Records. For their new opus, with nods to free jazz, afrobeat and krautrock served with an unabashed punk spirit, the Brussels based power trio of Giotis Damianidis (bass), Viktor Perdieus (baritone saxophone) and Jakob Warmenbol (drums) enlisted Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) for mixing and production duties. The upcoming I Love Tempo saw Don Kapot expand their sound palette and add new instruments including keyboards and sampling, with groove remaining at the core of it all.

Following the album’s opening track ‘Me Pig’, Don Kapot have shared a new ecstatic single from the album called ‘Macarona’. Speaking about the track, the trio comments:

“Our New single, Macarona, came to life during one of the strangest times in all of our lives, the pandemic. Kind of in secret, we wrote Macarona together amidst isolation, cancelled concerts and uncertain perspectives. The song starts blasting out a rush of anger and frustration, but as it progresses, it attempts to zoom out an put things into perspective.”

Listen to both tracks below.

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