Cloud Management announce second album »V.A.«

Photo: Phuong Dan

Following last year’s self-titled debut album, Cloud Management return for their second excursion into the realms of percussive and immersive kraut dub, with a new album entitled »V.A.« arriving in November. The upcoming record saw the Hamburg trio of Thomas Korf, Sebastian Kokus and Ulf Schütte collaborate with Peaking Lights’ Aaron Coyes and also enlist the help of Leipzig-based Canadian producer No UFO’s, Canada’s Seekers International, and Kenyan multi-disciplinary artist Coco Em to rework some tracks. As a truly collaborative record, Cloud Management chose its title as a way of honouring and giving full creative licence to the various artists involved.

»V.A.« is set for release on November 10th through Altin Village & Mine but the band has already let loose the groovy and entrancing ‘PST’ featuring Aaron Coyes, as well the Seekers International version. Listen to both below.

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