Gazelle Twin unveils video for new single ‘Fear Keeps Us Alive’

Gazelle Twin, the project of composer, producer, singer, and visual artist Elizabeth Bernholz, announced last month the release of her new album Black Dog. Along with the news, she had shared the sinister and seductive title track, and now she has unveiled a gripping and eerie new cut from the album titled ‘Fear Keeps Us Alive’. The single comes with an accompanying video directed by long-time collaborator Chris Turner and assisted by photographer Teri Varhol. Turner comments:

“I love working with Elizabeth and Teri. We share so many of the same fascinations and obsessions, and this allows an honest and creative freedom to exist between us. We’re also all lovers of ageing, imperfect formats of photography and video. The visual and thematic elements of the song, the short film, and the album all seemed to fit perfectly together.”

Bernholz also had this to say about it:

“Chris, Teri and I share a passion for the weird and the uncanny. The film and images we’ve made together in various forms just wouldn’t have happened without their enthusiasm, generosity and genius skill. ‘Fear Keeps Us Alive’ is another brilliant collaboration and has produced such a striking outcome that blends so many shared ideas and visions so naturally.”

Watch the video below and watch out for the release of Black Dog on October 27th through Invada Records.

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