Resavoir shares video for third single,’Sunset’, off forthcoming self-titled album

Photo: Alexa Viscus

November 3rd will see the release of Resavoir‘s self-titled album through International Anthem. In the works for over three years, the upcoming album saw the producer and composer Will Miller, who leads the project, enlist a stellar cast of collaborators from the Chicago music community, including Akenya, Matt Gold, Eddie Burns, Lane Beckstrom, Jeremy Cunningham, Irvin Pierce, Macie Stewart, Peter Manheim, Elton Aura, Whitney and more. As the press release describes, “Resavoir is a subtly radiant symphony interweaving modern-day soul-jazz with bedroom beats, synth serenades and twilight sonatas”.

Ahead of the album’s release, Resavoir have launched their new track, ‘Sunset’, the third single from their album, following previous singles ‘Sunday Morning’ (featuring Elton Aura & Whitney) and ‘Inside Minds’. ‘Sunset’ is offered with a stop motion video made by Toronto-based experimental animation artist and director Nik Arthur using glass and a handheld steamer. Speaking about the video, Arthur comments:

“As blue changes to yellow, orange, and then red, steam clouds roam around a window and form shapes, with the falling sun as their audience. Two frames pass for every one synth note, creating a feel of change as gradual as the song, and the sunset.”

Watch the video below and check out the other two singles straight after.

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