Trond Kallevåg’s new album, Amerikabåten, out this Friday

There’s a new album on the way from acclaimed guitarist and composer Trond Kallevåg, a stalwart of the Norwegian jazz scene. Entitled Amerikabåten, which means The American Boat, the upcoming album is informed and explores the journeys of many of Norwegians who crossed the ocean. Trond comments:

“Amerikabåten” explores my deep admiration and fascination for American culture and the transformative journey aboard the America boats, back when countless Norwegians traversed the ocean to America until the mid-20th century. It was a time when the sea provided a liberating sanctuary for individualists and those who didn’t conform, including the newly religious and lawless.

My grandparents shared stories of close relatives who ventured to America, resulting in cultural connections, particularly along the Norwegian coastline where I grew up.”

Amerikabåten taps on both traditional Norwegian and American music, drawing from Norwegian hymns, old broadside ballads and Americana, and saw Trond enlist a phenomenal ensemble of young Norwegian musicians, including Selma French, Daniela Reyes, Håkon Aase, Jo Berger Myhre, and Ola Øverby.

The album arrives on November 10th through Hubro and for a captivating taster of what’s on offer, check out lead single ‘Fargo’ below, it will take you on an contemplative and gorgeous journey of sound and emotion. The single comes with a live video recorded at Athletic Sound in Halden earlier this year.

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