Bongo Joe Records to release new compilation Merengue Típico : Nueva Generación ! in February

Merengue Típico : Nueva Generación ! is the new compilation set for release on February 9th by Bongo Joe Records, exploring Dominican merengue produced from the late ‘60s to early ‘70s. The compilation features gems from pioneering female icons and revolutionary musical virtuosos, all sourced by Belgian vinyl connoisseur and compiler Xavier Daive AKA Funky Bompa. “This collection showcases blazing technical finesse and the non-stop, high-speed danceable rhythms that still mark the style today”, as the press release describes. “But although the music flies by at a pace that barely leaves time to catch one’s breath, it is also supremely catchy.”

We can already hear a taste from Merengue Típico : Nueva Generación ! with the first peppy single ‘Caña Brava’ by Fefita La Grande, an iconic and prolific accordionist and singer who began performing at the age of 9. Originally composed in the late 1920s as an ad commisions for a rum distillery, ‘Caña Brava’ is a staple merengue song and you can listen to it below.


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