Manu Delago and Mad About Lemon share new single, ‘Slow-Mo Moving River’, off forthcoming album

Photo: reithofer media

A longtime favourite of ours here at CTD, Manu Delago is gearing to release his new album, Snow From Yesterday. A collaborative effort, it saw the staggeringly talented Austrian percussionist and composer teamed up with vocal ensemble Mad About Lemon, the trio of Tyrolean singers Heidi Erler, Mimi Schmid and Anna Widauer, to bring the album life.
With release date just three weeks away, Delago is enticing us again with new single ‘Slow-Mo Moving River’, a song about glaciers with crystalline harps and cracking vocal effects. Speaking about it, Manu comments:

“A lot of people maybe don’t know that they’re actually rivers moving incredibly slowly. So most people think of a glacier as like a steady thing on the mountain that’s fixed or solid, but actually it’s moving but just at an incredibly slow pace. If you look at photos from places or yearly time lapses, they look different every year and they move a few inches. And I tried to do that in the music, the girls from Mad About Lemon were doing a lot of icy vocal sounds using cold sounding words. We also sampled real breaking ice.”

‘Slow-Mo Moving River’ is offered with a visualiser made by Shrey Kathuria. Watch it below and watch out for the album release on February 2nd through One Little Independent Records.

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